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The NSW Government takes revenue from unhealthy food marketing on government-owned property. This directly contradicts the government’s own messages about healthy eating and its efforts to tackle childhood obesity. We’re calling on the government to take a responsible approach and show kids what healthy eating really looks like.

Join us to ask the NSW Government to support Australian parents and give our children the best chance to grow into healthy adults. The government should take the following actions:

  • Remove unhealthy food advertising from property owned by, or contracted to, the NSW Government, in particular public transport.
  • Show leadership by developing national regulations to reduce our children’s exposure to unhealthy food marketing across a wide range of media.

Send us photos of unhealthy food ads you see on public transport:

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How we work

Leading up to the 2019 election, the Cancer Council CanAct Community asked candidates to commit to removing junk food marketing from state-owned property.


forums and 230 individual meetings


media articles

CanAct volunteers held candidate forums and met with candidates. While they listened, it’s now time for them to act.

Dob in an advertiser

There is a vast array of unhealthy food advertising out there and our children are vulnerable to the effects of these manipulative marketing campaigns, and they deserve to be protected.

If you’ve seen an ad that you think targets children with an unhealthy eating message on television, radio, print (newspapers or magazines), cinemas, outdoor signs, public transport, websites, or email, you can lodge a complaint through Ad Standards at https://adstandards.com.au/lodge-complaint.

You can also report any concerns to us, and we’ll lodge a complaint on your behalf. In your message, please include:

  • Company name and product advertised
  • When and where the ad was seen or heard
  • Type of advertising (e.g., TV, billboard, etc.)
  • Brief description of the ad and your concerns about it
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