What is junk food?

Junk food is a term applied to foods and drinks that are high in kilojoules and have added saturated fat, sugars and salt.

These foods are not needed as part of a healthy diet as they provide very little nutritional benefit.  Examples include fried and fatty take-away foods; baked products like pastries, cakes and biscuits; confectionery; and sugar-sweetened drinks.

Currently, most food advertisements are for junk food which makes unhealthy eating seem normal and influences the food children eat.  Here are some junk food advertisements we snapped when out and about in Sydney.

Collage of junk food advertisements.

We need regulation of marketing to protect children from all the junk food advertising around them. The Australian government Health Council endorsed a national guide to help determine what foods should and should not be promoted to children; this guide should be part of regulation.

Take a stand for our kids