Stop junk food advertisers feeding our kids rubbish

We’re campaigning to stop manipulative junk food marketers targeting children and putting a whole generation at risk of future health problems.

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Our kids see:

7.3 ads

for unhealthy food on each trip to school

3.1 ads

for unhealthy food for each hour of TV

17.4 ads

for unhealthy food for each hour online

The widespread marketing of junk food to Aussie kids encourages unhealthy eating habits. Children who carry excess body fat tend to carry that weight into adulthood, increasing their risk of 13 different types of cancer in later life. We need your help to support parents and give kids the best chance for a healthy future.

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We need your help to call on the NSW government to lead by example and show kids what healthy eating really looks like.

Right now, the NSW government is accepting money from food companies to market their unhealthy food and drink on government-owned property. This directly contradicts the government’s own messages about healthy eating and its efforts to tackle childhood obesity.

Join us and sign the petition asking the NSW Government to give our children the best chance to grow into healthy adults.

Image credit: Cancer Council WA

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