Stop junk food advertisers feeding our kids rubbish

We’re campaigning to stop manipulative junk food marketers targeting children and putting a whole generation at risk of future health problems.

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Our kids see:

7.3 ads

for unhealthy food on each trip to school

3.1 ads

for unhealthy food for each hour of TV

17.4 ads

for unhealthy food for each hour online

The widespread marketing of junk food to Aussie kids encourages unhealthy eating habits. Children who carry excess body fat tend to carry that weight into adulthood, increasing their risk of 13 different types of cancer in later life. We need your help to support parents and give kids the best chance for a healthy future.

Kick fast food out of kids’ sport

We recently lodged complaints to Ad Standards about fast food vouchers being given to kids for sporting achievements – Ad Standards agreed with our concerns.

How many other junk food companies are marketing to kids through these sporting achievement awards?

If your child has received a fast food voucher for sport, we’d love to hear from you. Email us and help stop junk food marketers in their tracks.

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