Need some delicious healthy family recipes?

Cancer Council NSW's Eat It To Beat It program has a wide range of delicious recipes that you and your family will love.  

The Eat It To Beat It program has done all the hard work and compiled a long list of healthy recipes including lunch box ideas to help your family get more fruit and vegetables into their tummies. Take a look here!  

What is Cancer Council NSW's Eat It To Beat It program?

The Eat It To Beat It program runs free sessions and workshops for parents of primary school age children, on why fruit and veg are so important and how to develop healthy eating habits for life.

Unfortunately most of us aren’t eating the recommended amounts of fruit and vegetables, and only 5% of NSW children are eating enough vegetables and 62% are meeting the recommended guidelines for fruit each day.  The aim of the Eat It To Beat It program is to improve these statistics and get kids eating more fruit and vegetables, setting healthy habits for life.

Eat It To Beat It program is evidence-based, not relying on fads or trends to get our information – just simple, practical advice that will help the entire family eat more healthily.

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