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What's happening overseas: Ireland

Irish Heart Foundation released a report in 2016 'Who's feeding the kids online?' highlighting how junk food companies are using sneaky underhanded tactics to get to children through digital media.  

What's happening overseas: Canada

In Canada, junk food marketing is largely self-regulated by the food industry who, like in Australia, decide their own rules.  And, like Australia, that self-regulation doesn't work.

Brand influence on kids

Popular Aussie brands have become so familiar to our children that they have their own personality.

What's Happening Overseas: UK

Tough new rules banning junk food and drink advertising in children’s media or where children are >25% of the audience were introduced in the United Kingdom in 2017. 

Codes still failing to protect our kids

Junk food advertising on TV is still happening.  Although we might think that advertisers have moved on from advertising on television, that's not the case.

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