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Have you noticed that most outdoor food advertising promotes unhealthy products such as fast food, confectionery and sugary drinks? 

We have, and we are concerned about the message that the constant exposure to junk food ads sends to our children.  In a short walk to a popular train station in metro Sydney, we found many junk food ads on a range of outdoor 'furniture' including public telephones, kiosks and bus shelters.  


We know that food marketing influences children’s food preferences, encourages pester power and impacts what they eat.  Outdoor advertising reaches our kids as they go about their lives and they can’t avoid it. Even more concerning is the new digital technologies that are allowing advertisers to target and draw our kids in with engaging interactive games and free giveaways. 

The City of Sydney is currently negotiating a 15-year outdoor advertising contract, making it an opportune time to ask for their support to curb junk food marketing that influences our kids' eating habits. 

We have asked the City of Sydney to take leadership in tackling childhood obesity by removing junk food marketing from outdoor advertising within their control. 

Can you contact the City of Sydney and ask them to take this important step too?

If you live, work or visit the City of Sydney and feel strongly about this issue, we encourage you to write to Monica Barone, the CEO, at City of Sydney, GPO Box 1591, Sydney NSW 2001 or email [email protected]

Let’s give our kids the best chance to live a healthy life.  They’re Our Kids, it’s Our Call!

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